The Selling Champion Consulting Limited [TSCC] is a strong player in Sales and Marketing Consulting and Training Services; with competence in the area of Sales. We are the First Indigenous Consulting Firm to write and publish the First Motivational Sales Book in Nigeria! Our book, The Selling Champion, is the first book authored by a Nigerian that received Brian Tracy’s endorsement. The book also received endorsements from notable authorities in Nigeria.

Over the years, we have discovered that organizational growth is directly tied to ability to sell goods and services. It is when this primary function is achieved that the Organization will develop the leverage to begin to look into how operational expenses would be taken care of. Without Customers’ Patronage, Sales and Salesmanship, activities of Organizations will come to a grinding halt! We at TSCC believe that performance is everything. Your performance is your reality.

In view of the above, our Company has built capacity in the area of developing competence in Individuals and Organizations with a view of assisting in increasing their Sales Volume, Customers’ Patronage and enhancing Corporate Performance. We achieve this by building the right Workforce, developing ideal Sales Team, and instilling the right attitude in the Personnel. We believe that Attitude is not just everything but the only thing!

Our sales training is rated by various authorities as one of the best in the country. We have trained a lot of people through our open and exclusive training services. We have also discovered Selling Champions through our Unique Sales Clinic.

We also organize monthly training every second Saturday of the month – on Sales, Customer Relationship Management and Public Speaking and Presentation.

We undertake training services in: Sales and Marketing, Success Psychology, High Corporate and Individual Performance Strategies, Performance Evaluation, Career and Personal Development, Management and Leadership

The Selling Champion Consulting Limited [TSCC] parades a great team of facilitators from the academic and business community. These ‘‘fine brains’’ have always exceeded expectations of participants and clients during our training events.

Our Organization also consults for companies in Sales and Marketing, Customer Service, Career and Personal Development and Performance Efficiency. We achieve desired goals through creating Tailored-To-Fit Training and Mentoring Programs and Developing Smart Strategies for our various clients. We also carry out the following services: Sales Representatives, Recruitment, Public Speaking, Hotel and Conference Hall Discounted Reservations and Publishing.

The Selling Champion Consulting Limited also hosts the popular radio program ‘‘The Selling Champion’’ on Radio One, 103.5 FM, Ikoyi – Lagos.

Profile of, Managing Director and Chief Executive Salesman

George O. Emetuche MNIMN is Managing Director and Chief Executive Salesman at bossThe Selling Champion Consulting Limited. He has over seventeen years experience in Service and Delivery Industry. George is fondly addressed as, The Selling Champion. He is an alumnus of University of Nigeria, Radio Nigeria Training School [National Broadcast Academy,] National Institute of Marketing of Nigeria and Esut Business School where he is the Alumni Vice President.

George is also a Sales and Marketing Consultant, Motivational Speaker, Sales Trainer, Career and Personal Development Consultant, Success Expert, Writer and Bestselling Author of: The Selling Champion, The 11 Irrefutable Principles of Success, The Art of Selling, Everything is Possible, The 25 unbreakable Law of Sales, Be Inspired and Succeeding with Your Spouse.

George started his career in the Hospitality Industry Twenty-One years ago where he rose to the position of, Manager and subsequently Group Marketing Manager. He later joined a conglomerate that operates in: Fast Moving Consumer Goods [FMCG] Industry, Agro-Allied, Pharmaceuticals and Oil and Gas. He was Head, Business Development of the Oil and Gas subdivision and later became the National Sales Manager of the Pharmaceutical Subdivision, a position he held until he established, The Selling Champion Consulting limited, having garnered wealth of experience over the years.

George Emetuche is a versatile Business Consultant and Seasoned Salesman. He has assisted in researching and developing business models that has assisted organizations. As a trainer, he has developed over One Hundred Training Programs that has assisted in Capacity Building of various Organizations and Individuals. He has also presented Lead Papers in several forums. He mentors NYSC members at Lagos State Secretariat of National Youth Service Corp. He has a pet project known as RAP [Read A Page.] RAP is designed to encourage reading culture of individuals. RAP encourages everyone to open an educating book and read at least one page daily. The logic in RAP is simple: An individual, who has poor reading culture, will likely improve his reading habit if he starts with a page. Such individual could even read a chapter and beyond once the book interests him! A journey of a thousand kilometer begins with the right step; therefore, reading starts with a PAGE OF AN EDUCATING BOOK. George also empowers the youths and young professionals through George Emetuche Education and Empowerment Foundation [GEEEF.] This foundation gave birth to Emerging Champions’ Club. The club is where champions are made.

The Selling Champion Consulting limited hosts the popular radio program ‘‘The Selling Champion’’ on Radio One, 103.5 FM, Ikoyi – Lagos

George Emetuche is happily married with children.

Our Vision

To be Nigeria’s No1 Sales Training company.

Our Mission

To continue to Research and Implement better ways that will increase Sales Performance of our clients.

Our Values

I – Integrity,

E- Excellence

C – Competence

H- Hardwork

Our Promise

We don’t only satisfy our Clients, we delight them!

Our Motto

We know the Art of Selling!